Airports & Ryanair VS The Mule

We all know that travelling with luggage is a real pain and generally classed as the worst part of dealing with a trip through an airport.

Speedy bag drops where you still have to queue, waiting at the luggage carousel for your bags, the manoeuvring of a cumbersome baggage trolley with a dodgy wheel and a release brake that you need 3 hands to press down and push forward once you have 80kg of suitcases balanced delicately on top of one-another in order to get any movement from it.

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Calling all MAMIL’s – Send your bike… it’s much easier!

For those keen cyclists amongst you will know that travelling around the globe with you trusty 2 wheeler is no easy task. Hopping on the back of it and going on your merry way is the light at the end of a very long, dark tunnel, which involves somehow manoeuvring a large bike bag or bike box on and off a train, coach, car, or aircraft for several hours, and it’s not fun…at all.

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