Our guide to buying a ski bag

When you spend as much time shipping skis as we do, you get to know a thing or two about ski luggage. There’s a wide range of ski bags on the market, but advice on choosing the right one can be hard to come by. So we’ve put together a handy guide to buying a ski or snowboard bag to help you send luggage abroad even more easily. Whatever kind of ski trip you’re planning, cover these five bases and you’ll find the right ski bag for you.

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What to pack for off-piste skiing when you ship your skis

You’ve shipped your luggage, touched down and caught your transfer to the mountain; you arrive in resort and it’s bucketing. Tomorrow promises blue skies and a foot of powder. You’re itching to get out there and lay down some fresh tracks. We know – when we’re not shipping skis we like a bit of the steep-and-deep.

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Practical tips to keep your kids safe while skiing

There’s so much safety gear out there that you could send a bag full of kneepads, body armour and helmets (added bunny ears or angel wings optional) before you even ship your skis. But kit is just one part of being prepared; some basic knowledge goes a long way to staying safe on the mountain. We look at some practical tips for keeping your kids safe while skiing.

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Airports & Ryanair VS The Mule

We all know that travelling with luggage is a real pain and generally classed as the worst part of dealing with a trip through an airport.

Speedy bag drops where you still have to queue, waiting at the luggage carousel for your bags, the manoeuvring of a cumbersome baggage trolley with a dodgy wheel and a release brake that you need 3 hands to press down and push forward once you have 80kg of suitcases balanced delicately on top of one-another in order to get any movement from it.

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Calling all MAMIL’s – Send your bike… it’s much easier!

For those keen cyclists amongst you will know that travelling around the globe with you trusty 2 wheeler is no easy task. Hopping on the back of it and going on your merry way is the light at the end of a very long, dark tunnel, which involves somehow manoeuvring a large bike bag or bike box on and off a train, coach, car, or aircraft for several hours, and it’s not fun…at all.

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